Second post... more to say!

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Well, we got Helga back from the dealer, apparently all mended and sorted. No heavy rain or snow since then so we will have to wait and see if they are as good as their word. Had a bit of a stress time as they just wouldn't return our calls they day before collection, and on the day of collection... we just wanted to know it was worth us travcelling 70 miles each way or if the repairs weren't finished we would wait. Mrs Spenders eventually shouted a bit and we got the answer. Have to say it didn't inspire confidence.....

Onthe weeken of 16th Feb Mrs S and step-daughter had to visit relative in Newcastle, so I booked onto the Durham Grange Caravan Club site for the Sunday night. I travelled up there and got plotted up, and on their way back to Yorkshire they called in and we all had tea. On arriving at the site I tried to plug into the electric hook-up.... being a newbie I only followed the instructions on the post, which said to insert the plug into the socket and twist t didn't say you had to wait for a very audible 'click' to ensure connection!! Needless to say, I thought there must be a fault (couldn't possibly be me!).

What to do.... I rang the dealer, who this time rang back straight away, then again, then later when the problem was sorted! It appears that Mrs S's shouting is more effective than I thought! I then had a very pleasant night at the site, which I can recommend to any other readers.

On returning home, I was informed of a family emergency involving a poorly Grandfather, so I volunteered to take father and me to the Tredegar House Caravan Club site at Newport for two nights. The van performed faultlessly on the journey down, with a back of the envelope calculation indicating it was doing approx. 30 mpg. More detailed checks to be made in future but that looks good!

No problems during my stay at Newport, and the reeturn trip was good also.

Last weekend we went to Abbey View House Camping & Caravan Club certified site outside Whitby for one night. Had a Calor Lite 6kg bottle fitted on the way up, and once on site couldn't get it to work. Only later did I realise that the valve wheel on top of the cylinder has to be turned on as well as the pipeline switch in the locker! DOH! As they say, it's a learning experience! Just gotta master the water system, the awning, and other unknown things yet to come, but it's been fun so far.
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