Sarlat wonderful Sarlat!

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If you ever get to Sarlat in the Dordogne valley, try to go on a Saturday so you can enjoy their amazing market. Maybe it was because I'd been starved of 'spending opportunities' as Martin likes to call it but everything looked so inviting and thorough! If it was a sausage / salami stall it had every kind you could think of: sausage.JPG

and that is only half of the stall.
What to choose? We got three.
The wine/liqueur stall had so many local varieties - we chose a walnut liqueur.
The tarts and cakes stand boasted at least 20 local choices. We got a hazelnut tart.
And don't get me started on the cheese!

The market was spread right through the old section of the town with stalls displaying their wares in front of aged monuments: market.JPG

With tiny old streets at every turn: narrow street.JPG

And funny little doorways for the shorter people from the olden days! wall sarlat.JPG

At the top of the town was this striking figure: young boy sarlat.JPG

To give it some context this is how high up it was: young boy far.JPG

One of the I've noticed is how elaborate and built up their graveyards are. It could be because they are family crypts. graveyard.JPG

I should have said - we went to the Dordogne valley in the hopes of renting a Canadian canoe and doing some paddling. When we saw how fast the river was flowing we had to rethink - sadly,. Funnily enough that was the second time it's happened to Martin. When he was 15 (same trip as Reims) he sent his canoe (which he had made at night school) by train to the Rhine and hitched hiked down to join it. He and his friend gazed at the torrent and decided to have another think.
Best laid plans ....
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