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We are getting there with the site now.

The Blog
This blog seems to be working after a few false starts. I am excited about this because our hobby really does lend itself to blogging. I know that on other sites that we won't name, it is not popular, but then the interface and blog controls on those sites is very limiting. Our blog features are very easy to use and I am really looking forward to reading some member's blogs. Blogging doesn't appeal to everyone but I really do hope that it takes off and members use it as a daily diary or travel log or in fact for anything they like as long as its decent and legal:Smile:

The review section and campsite database still requires a fair bit of work, but is taking shape nicely.

The Classified Section
This should be installed this week, this will enable us to sell a few odds and sods to each other, our very own sunday morning locker sale:Cool:

Dedicated Server
The one item that seems to have me procrastinating more that ever is moving the site from the dodgy shared space we have now, to a dedicated server which should be able to cope with hundreds of active members. :Eek!:Managing our own server is as new to me as running a forum was a month or so ago, and is much more daunting. We have more to lose than when did when building the forum. Now we have members and their valuable content that we do not want to disapear . Bryan will definitely be getting a few shouts I think:Wink: I wonder if we have any server experts as members.

Haven't decided on an official opening date yet, but it looks like it may well coincide with the opening meet which is filling up nicely.
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