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The last night in the sahara ended to the percussive sounds of drums and castanets under the black starry sky the palpitating rhythm seems to get inside your head and play with the imagination.........

Standing on a nearby dune she cut a lonely figure, it was the last of the three mornings at Erg Chebbi and although we were covered by blue sky I could feel the makings of a possible blow, [sand storm which can blot out daylight in an instant] in the air. Staring into the endless seas of wind patterned sand, Pammy said "I have decided that I like the desert I am really going to miss it". For a moment I thought I saw a tear ........

A forward scout in support land rovers the day before had established a better route out to the main road then the one we arrived on. The track smooth enough for the Unimog to slip through her 16 gears to belt ahead taking position for some superb RV and motorhome pictures crossing the open desert with the dunes a distant backdrop. Satisfied and smiling faces popped onto the tarmac. Geo's window screen [more on that later!!] remained attached to the vehicle.

With the desert now behind we headed west towards the unmistakable outline of the High Atlas horizon, Todra Gorge our destination.

The reason for the lack of flies at the dunes [always a pest here] became clear as they had gathered for a conference at the market in Tinjdad. All gave the open meat section a miss! Stock of eggs, vegetables, fruit, bread and water was taken on board.

The planned early arrival at our next campsite was met with predictable motorhome behaviour [I love em, honest], as the "funsters" crossed the camp entrance Linda and Jan leapt out, bags under each arm. Yes, I had informed them about the laundry room available at this camp. Then there was the other phenomenon, give a motorhome driver an empty campsite and they get confused and disorientated unable to stop for more than a second or so, or decide on a suitable pitch, in the confusion Mark left the handbrake off as he examined a potential [second or was that the 3rd] spot! Linda's subtle cry saw Mark leap behind the wheel with a "SHUT UP" ......... Like I say, luv em.

Rory's mangled bike carrier was sent off in a taxi for repair, while Geo continued his role as photographer co ordinator, his laptop now containing some several thousand images. Pammy continued with the portable washing machine and her hoover was hovering!! Lyndon joined the kids in the pool.

Tomorrow its the run into the Gorge proper, one of Morocco's most magnificent natural sights.

Till then ..............
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