Quick trip to the Peak district with the doggy

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We had a great little trip to the Peak district to give our dog a holiday (and daughter who looks after him while we travel)

peaks 1.jpg

We didn't try to leave him alone at all (as he barks) so there was no expectation or resentment and he loved it.
We stayed at Laneside Caravan park (Hope) first which was very pleasant with nice views but the big drawback was that all the walks had stiles that were too high for Pip to get over. I think the farmers had finally lost their patience with dogs worrying their sheep. We ended up having to take walks on the roads. The pubs were dog friendly and had good ale.

The second place we stayed was high up and near the top of the Pennine way track. It was on a working farm with sheep and lambs everywhere.

peak 2.jpg

We were the only campers in the field and felt miles from everywhere.

peak 5.jpg

Just us and the sheep
peak 6.jpg

Luckily it was easy to get up onto the ridge and we had a lovely few days exploring this lovely high level route.
peak 3.jpg
peak 7.jpg

Martin striking a thoughtful pose
peak 8.jpg

We had lots of fun watching the lambs gambolling around. One little frisky one ran around getting all the other lambs to run off with her and then they proceeded to run in circles around a tiny bank of earth.
We also saw a horse lying down and I was worried it was dying as I'd always thought they didn't lie down. I wanted to ring the farmer and tell him but martin persuaded me to wait a while - just as well, as when we came back it was up on its feet munching away at the grass.
After a week we headed back home marvelling that this lovely corner of England was so accessible (right in the centre of the country) and yet relatively unpopulated.
We enjoyed Pip's company so much and I know we will miss him when we head off to Europe again later this month. A walking holiday is completed by a dog.
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