Post holiday update

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Back from our holiday in Norfolk - not in Rosie, this was a cottage holiday booked before plan 'B' came into being!

Despite not being in our new MH as we would have wished, we had a super week - great weather, except for high winds which prevented me getting the sailing I'd anticipated in the half-decker I hired from Hunter's Yard on the river Thurne. Had a great sail on the Saturday though when I collected the boat and sailed it to the cottage on the outskirts of Horning.

Arrived home to find a mountain of mail on the mat - first time we've been away and left the house unattended, normally my daughter is around when we're away.

Amongst the mail are two invites to social events we really can't miss - this scotches our plans for another weekend away in Rosie before the end of October. I hate the thought of her sat in storage with no use for all that time, so resolve to bring her home this coming weekend, which is the occasion of my 65th birthday. We're having "open house" on Saturday for relatives and friends, so I want to show off our new possession to all and sundry. Relatives from Sunderland are staying over, and despite having a large house we can't accommodate everyone, so the 11 year old twins (Thomas and Elliot) can sleep in Rosie, parked up on my son's driveway. There's a couple of little jobs to do - TV aerial to sort out, Carbon Monoxide detector to fit, Motorhomefun stickers to put in the windows - but no point in doing any winterisation yet as we are determined to have at least one more weekend away this year. It's possible she'll get used next weekend too, pressed into service as a mobile kitchen and overspill dining area for a social event - a colonial breakfast for friends and neighbours hosted by our ex-neighbour John who now is living in a static caravan, coincidentally not a stone's throw from where Rosie is in storage.

After some questions and answers on the forums, I'm arranging to have the timing belt changed next week, and maybe also the water pump. Also I need a plan for winterisation - got my checklist downloaded from the Motorhomefun website - really good move joining that bunch of nutters!

Hopefully next update will include details of our next proper trip - maybe Kendal.
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