Police visit.

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Apologises are in order but I have had no time since the sun started to shine during the day. Been busy finishing off the fencing I started last year, replaced the old stuff for new and fenced of the view of my next door neighbours asbestos garage, been visible ever since I took down my brick garage. Pictures to follow in my next post.

I don’t think I told you that I had a visit last month from two police officers, they came in response of a complaint made by the bozo of that site I got banned from, he claimed I had been sending him unsolicited emails, told the two police officers I know nothing about any emails.
I had made an appointment with a CAB advisor but today after visiting my local cop shop cancelled the visit.
As you can appreciate I can’t say too much about it yet but it’s looking as if the visit was unofficial, no records could be found on the police computer regarding the complaint or the visit.

Ordered a new flat screen television today over the Internet.
My present television is on its way out I reckon, the picture at times jumps out at you as if I had pressed zoom in.
My old one has been a good un, had it for well over ten years with nothing going wrong, lets hope my new Samsung 40inch LED 8000 series serves me just as well.
The JVC will go on ebay or the free cycle site.

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