Playing the keyboard in the van

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I very much wanted to take my weighted full length keyboard with me on my travels. I tried trapping it in the overhead cab - and although it fits fine it make the overhang too low (even though it doesn't touch the top which is annoying) so we haven't so much headspace which won't work.
We found we could lay it easily in the fixed bed at the back while we travelled and then lift it out when I wanted to play. Luckily it fits diagonally on the table and with a few cushions underneath I can get a good playing position.
Most of the time it feels like the white elephant in the room except for the (very important) 20 minutes a day I am actually playing it- usually in my pyjamas first thing. Martin thinks we should store it in the garage underneath but I'm not too sure if it will get cold there and damage it plus it's my pride and joy and not to be shoved in a cupboard. So the debate continues.....
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