Part 7 The final run home

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Running on to the outskirts of Liverpool the Beast started moaning, she wanted to See more beast so we gave in and went to Knowelstone Safari Park, the beast purred loudly with pleasure.
Elephants sat up and begged for an audience
Whilst antelope had no idea what the fuss was all about
The tiger also looked on bemused. and finally
We came to rest in front of the king of the beasts.
I swear the roof got lower as the beast curtsied. We kept away from the baboons fearing our poor beast would be torn to shreds. then headed south to find a safe harbour for the night. We ended up parked in an industrial estate at Sandbanks, Up early, well 10am the next morning we stopped for lunch at the motorway services. Having had a fry up we were suddenly aware of a strange smell, finally traced to a melted cooker knob, somehow it seemed to have caught light inside, running out I turned off the gas before the van went up in flames. Another job to sort out when we got back. A few hours later we were back in Leominster, after hunting around to buy washers and foam tyre repair, then having Fish and chips we retired for the night in the old Gas works car Park behind the fire Station. Next morning we trundled around to Rays to find the flat spare wheel miraculously inflated, thank you who ever sorted that out. Spacing the wheel from the hub with washers once again gave the wheel clearance to rotate. The run home was completed without further ado and the beast crept back into its lair under the cover of darkness. A wonderful 1500 mile trip and nothing wrong that I cannot sort out ready for the next trip. Now where to next, well I actually fancy Wales. Hee Hee. Thanks to everone who made this trip not only possible but also special.
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