Our winter adventure 2014 / 2015

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October 26th 2014

The sun is always shining here, temperature in the 30's every day so far, the sea is warm and clean.. Not much to report .. But trying to do my blog as Jim mentioned without the reader having to scroll all the way down to my last entry every time ...fingers crossed I do it correctly this time !

The winter folk are arriving fast.. The empty pitches are starting to fill there are folk that have been coming to this site for 19 yrs .. Don't know if we would want to do that might get monotonous ..

We visited the bird land at Almunecar two days ago, forgotten the name of it but it did bring back some very happy memories of our wonderful Blue n Gold Macaw Ollie and Sparky our Orange wing Amazon birds ... I was grinning from cheek to cheek (photos later)

The clocks went back last nite same as UK but we were up early for a change blinking typical lolol
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