Our winter adventure 2014 / 2015

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There will be nothing startling or extreme about our blog but just sorta newbies travelling Europe ..

We joined the forum March 2009..and learned many things here, this trip we left home on the Tuesday 23rd September 2014 , ..
We had tried to park up at a camping and caravan club cs Newland Caravan site Tel, left messages waited an hour but no response.. Gate was locked hence why we moved onto M42 Hopswood Services £ 23.50 including £8 meal voucher , we slept well here as the road noise seemed a long way off

Following day we went to Hartsholme country park which was ok , easy bus ride into town

Next was the finale at Lincoln, brilliant time was had , lots of singing and lots of recovery time was needed.. Over 170 vans joined in from Motorhome Fun .. Easy access into the showground.. Lovely to see James , Jim and Sian's son home on leave from the Para's .. There was so much merriment to be had and lots of new members joining ...

We left for the Chunnel on Monday saying our farewells to friends old n new ..sorry JimnSian but knew it would be difficult as we wouldn't see you maybe for 8 months ..

We managed to catch an earlier train (free) then parked up at Cite Europe .. No sign of any loiterer's and then went for a late meal and returned ready for sleep

Left Cite Europe in the morning heading for Le Crotoy, lots of vans, weather very sunny and hot..cost was 5 euros + 2 for services but there was a sign pinned up nr the bins watch out for the "RATS "..as it happened we parked up in the middle no sign of any funsters ...

Next stop Marboue ..a free aire but 2euros for services.. Did sample the local bier as it would be rude not to lolol

Next day we went to Baignes St Rades aire in all fairness it was ok but nr a dechetterie .. Recycle centre ? Didn't like being in this position so moved on ...

Then we went to Parentis en Borne not a favourite of mine as a small set up and clicky feel so moved on again to Gastes 4.50 euros not that far away but can be lovely if you get a good spot, it has a manmade beach just up the road, restaurant ok but nothing to call home about, folk seem gruff about here , in fact when we left in the morning a stupid French man following us decided to overtake us in a 30 zone, road not that wide overtook us at a high speed me shouting to John he is gonna rip the side off our van as he was that close, but thankfully all was ok although there was a almighty whack to our wing mirror knocking the casing adrift not knowing what other damage was we chased him horn blowing , with my hands doing an unladylike gesture .. And if I played the camcorder probably hear us both saying a few nice things about the kind Frenchman ..not ! I even jumped out the van at a stop sign waving my fists at him with vehicles behind us either thinking I was a luny or like .. But he never stopped.. I did take pics of him a Chasusson 504DH07 you have been warned.......I will upload a pic of him but limited for mbs at mo

Next stop was Burgos, a big site , park where you like, Acsi site, lots of folk lots to do .. Bus stop outside the gates, great if you are a runner or walker / biker as there is a great trail leading into the centre which is only 3kms away, there were big celebrations here this w/e El Cid etc.. Lots of knights in shining armour and bow n arrows , horses and singing till 4am when it stopped ..we stayed here 2nites at 16 euros a nite

Next move was to Almagro ...camping Los Arenales 16 euros, fab washing machine 3euros large load, and dryer 2euros.. Had to stop dryer as would have melted otherwise, good showers etc here again...

To be continued

I have added what tolls charges we have paid, we avoid these as much as possible in France as there roadways are terrific but they had added new tolls above n past Bordeux so we just bit the bullet and used them, also time saved they are as following
Tours ...1. 80euros

Around n past Bordeaux 39.90 euros ( we think now we were tucked up as further on at the tolls we had to question the prices as asked for one price but showed another)

To Parentis en Borne 5.30 euros although it tried to charge us 19.30 euros

Bayonne 5.30 euros again tried to charge 19.30 euros

To Burgos 11.60 euros & 12.10 euros

Monday 6th October 2014
We finally arrived at http://www.nuevocamping.es/ ...Nuevo Camping La Herradura nr Almunecar ( beware there are 3 sites here with the same name this site is at the very end of the strip and you turn into the street where it is you will understand what I mean if you ever visit here ...the other two forget about them) to meet up with our friends who have a place in the latter town .. Site is better than we had hoped showers n loos slightly tired but ground maintenance being done constantly... the upper tier of the site has a lot of tent campers but only 3 others on our lower tier.. It is located about 200 or 300 metres from the sea and several bars / restaurants with a small supermarket next door..
The beach has shingle but in the sea it is sand underfoot being clean and warm

Our friends John n Brenda arrived here on Tuesday to see us, it was lovely to see them at last, after a chat we stroll to the restaurant nr by to wait for the bus to go to their house at Almunecar , the beer and free tapas went down very well , it appears this part of Spain compete with their free tapas which we think is a great idea !

We can see why our friends like this area, their town house is fab and located in a perfect area, ideal for what ever takes your fancy that day

We have enjoyed seeing Almunecar with them so much that we have decided to stay longer here than we had intended ...

We are now on day 8 , 13th October 2014 , this weekend is a Spanish fiesta holiday, which means more campers n folk about... But the weather yesterday Sunday was wet with short heavy showers so the beaches were quiet but lots in the bars and the Spanish are very noisy when gathered lolol etc

Having a chill out today may look for a geocache .. Weather sunny again and maybe able to upload some photos if we go to the English bar ..The Hideaway later as they have good free wifi and happy hour later on... But alas they don't do tapas I believe ...

Weather here at La Herradura has been very hot over 30 degrees most days 34 a day or two ago, so the cool air and rain was a nice change. ..can't believe I said that ....

Sunday 19th October..

How quickly time flies when you are enjoying yourselves had to stop and think is it October or November lolol

We are enjoying every moment of the slow Spanish lifestyle, excellent weather everyday with lovely views not a lot has happened though other than swimming , walking , having a few beers and lots of free tapas ..

We moved pitches yesterday, we are now on pitch number 50 nr the entrance so if you happen by come and say hi ! This one is available for a longer period as we are now hoping to stay for several weeks here possibly spend Xmas here..
The area is now gearing up for a busy time for the Swedish and German influx ...
They cater for the British here too very well in the supermarkets, even found Brecon Gin which is from the area where we live in Wales , Guinness, strongbow cider ,proper bacon (frozen) curry etc
Even managed to purchase my Xmas pudding ..bliss

image.jpg you can see the sea in the background

We are on a month rate at the cost of €350 including electric which works out via conversion rate £8.95 a nite ...happy bunny indeed

Breakfast this morning at the corner bar also this is the view



The water was warm , the sun hot so glad I bought those water shoes at Shell Island as they saved my feet with the pebbles on the beach... the waves are stronger today



Finishing off the day sat in our little bar watching the sun go down...perfect!

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