Our final days

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Tues 28th Sept
After our enjoyable day in Rudesheim yesterday we move a little further north. We end up stopping at an aire but I decide I don't want to stop here so we have lunch then carry on past Brussels and park up on an aire for tonight. No dump for waste and no fresh water but we have free elec so that's a bonus
Wed 29th
Lost this day somehow.

Thurs 30th Sept..
After a quiet night and good sleep we decide to go to Ostend. What a nightmare trying to even park up for a few hrs. We find a good aire 10mins away at West end. On the way there we find a fuel station 102 for diesel. Excellent I thought but turns out you need to put the money in first. I Insert 70 euros but fuel only comes to 65. I don't get any change. ..feel robbed and so much for the bargain price. It's 18 euros a night but just like a campsite to me. Alan and I go looking for a restaurant, the best we can find is a tapas bar. Was ok.
Fri 1st Oct
Today's the day we head for the ferry but not until I've done some last minute wine shopping. We get on the ferry and I'm thirsty but no way am I paying 2 euros for water since I know it only costs 25p do I make the excuse to go see dog on car deck. Security escorts me and in my rush I open the fridge and think I see some water. Pick it up and glurg glurg. I soon find out its cooking oil mums put in an empty bottle. Ooooh yuck. We get off tge ferry and park up at a britstop. Go in for dinner and an early night.
Sat 2nd Oct
After stuffing ourselves with a fry up we head for another brit stop Nth of Leeds. Alan could be home by now but because of my bike we would have nowhere to sleep tonight and having a sore back it's too long to drive to Glasgow. Just went into the restaurant for dinner and now trying to catch up here. My 3 ran done so now I'm back in the UK have free wifi on my phone. :)
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