Bevis on wheels Jul 12, 2009
:BigGrin:have a great trip- from experience- don't load up too much with tins and packets, French supermarkets are really good and there are supermarket names you'll recognise such as Lidl, Aldi etc. It might be worth checking on the net in the area you intend to be travelling for stockists of gas.
The clothes thing......put what you think you need out ready then half it......put it in the van and then take more back in the house..then run in and out fifty times deciding that you can't live without a certain thing then come home with half the stuff unworn for me but in order not to wear out my carpets I now only take favourite comfy stuff that doesn't need ironing that has room for expansion !!! I'd say because it's hot but really it's because of french bread ,pastries and the odd glass of wine!