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Moving foreever west wards we travelled along side the Sierra Nevada mountain range. Beautiful scenery that demands another visit.

Snow on the mountains and feels like you are passing through many different countries with the ever changing views.

Dusty hills, forests and huge mountains all on about three hours driving.

We stayed in the new acsi site in Olvera. Its on a hill about two miles from the town.

Big site with just four of us on it. Nearest thing I have ever done to wild camping.

The site has huge pitches that could accomodate the largest motorhome but spoilt by a large change of angle when entering the access road and a general air of neglect spoilt it for us.

Every pitch was covered in weeds, a dead tree that overhung one access road appeared battered from repeated hits by motorhomes and caravans.

We only stayed one night and was happy to leave.

We then travelled to Zahora and are staying on a lovely site about 20 mins walk to the sea.

Great beach with nice bars all the way along the access road through scores of villas.

Its still 28c during the day and we will stay for a bit longer. :thumb:
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