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I’m back arrived home Monday evening last stop was Lady bower dame just off the A57 Snake pass, stopped there hoping the weather would improve but sadly no it didn’t so came home early, if it had improved we was going to stop over night.

Friday we stopped the night in Oldham at the back of a carpet factory unit just yards away from where my partners brother lives.
We had arranged to meet him in a club just around the corner from there, the three Cs its called a Conservative club that sells crap beer, all gas and nothing else.
My partner’s son has moved into a new two bed roomed ground floor flat, very nice for a modern place, cardboard walls if you know what I mean.
I was there not only to see him and my partners grand children but also to hang up half a dozen pictures too as well as some curtain tie backs, I mustn’t grumble though he fed us with a sausage casserole.

The next day [Saturday] it was an early start, Wigan pier was our next visit, the museum have closed down in 2007 so it was a stroll around the area and then after a cup of rosy lee in van it was back on the road to Southport where we parked up down a back street just off the main road.
Walked around the shops for a while and along the front for a bit until we had to be back to move the van. You only get two hours parking everywhere so very little time to do anything. Spent the night at that Bird lookout place a couple of miles outside of Southport, marsh something or other, the name escapes me for the present.

After a cooked breakfast we did the Golden Mile at Blackpool and parked up again on a back street where we spent a disturbed night.
It was raining as we left Blackpool the next morning and it really didn’t let up all that day. The snake pass still has snow in places but luckily for us not on any of the road, that was clear. I turned off the snake pass and parked up at a picnic area over looking Lady Bower Dam, I have stopped in one or two times before when I was on my own. If it had been nice and not raining we would have gone for a walk into the surrounding woodland but the rain kept coming down so we stopped in the van for most of the day apart from a short walk over the dam late in the afternoon.
We left there about six thirty and arrived back home at just after eight.
This morning I shall be emptying the van, making it ready for the next weekend away, which if all goes to plan will be this weekend coming where it will be Skegness’s turn to have us.


Bip. :thumb:
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