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I wondered how long before someone spotted that the last blog was a year back when I missed January... well I thought why not miss a whole year. What has happened in that year? not a lot... except I am poorer than I was before thanks to the present bums on seats in the commons. But I do not do politics.. so did I have a good year... thanks for asking. No, not really. I took the Winnebago Aspect to France again and some of the shows and emptied my wallet a few times for more of the same junk.

I did invest in a 4 wheel car carrier Brian James.. so now I can take the car to shows (disabled scooters in the back of the car) that way I can go off site and buy the bread and milk cheaper.. well could have if the fuel was not as expensive as it is now.....£ 1.40 per litre .. it is a joke.

So why did I buy a trailer.. well the little red one I have (still for sale) was a pig to reverse. Plus I wanted to escape the sites sometimes... so the trailer was purchased off a fellow motor home member. I used it most of the summer and it is ready to roll in a few weeks time when we do peterborough... The only thing with a trailer is we are now 45' long.. oh great fun for the show marshals, but Bob & Jane and others have managed to get it sorted.

Ezzie is still herself.. 6 years old next week.

I have been trying to learn how to play a Ukulele as a lot of members know.. still not getting very far... plus I have now a lap steel guitar to make even more noise with.. I say sorry now to all those that suffered the sing practice at places like Malvern last year.

we have a good karaoke unit now and 2,000 songs so we may inflict it on you this season... plenty of country, 60's 70's and some later stuff from people I do not know who they are!!!! modern stuff is so boring.

What else.. well we may be putting the Winnebago p for sale at the end of the season.. mobility getting harder as I get older... may go over to a fiver unit.. or looking for a 28' A class.. but it is all in the air at the moment. So there may be a bargain to be had late September.

Sue is still working two days a week in the NHS.. just, think she will not be there by the end of the year with all the cuts.. so who knows we may get to Spain next year for the two months like JIM...

The RV is now commissioned for this year .. just the food to be loaded next... will it be another year until the next blog? who knows.

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