Now that's not very nice.....

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25 May at 14:27 Report

Dennis 25 May at 14:41
Now thats not very nice is it John Boy?
I would have though a man of your education could have thought of something nicer to say.

Above is a answer I got from a friends request on Facebook the other day, the chap in question runs that site I was tell you all about, the site where he says good night to himself, well he did until I mentioned to him how ridiculous it sounded to anyone who reads it.
The site in question has gone very quite since he banned Pinocchio and dezzey, in my book he deserves to have the site fail if that’s his attitude to everyone who just asks a few questions, even his coal and mining site has died, do I need to say more.
Basically who wants to be a member on any of his sites especially when he wants the last word on every topic, lets face it it’s nice to be wrong every now and then makes one feel human but not him he’s so righteous its unbelievable, you could say he’s a mine of information.

Had an estimate for the work I want doing on my driveway and front garden area the other day.
Abbydrives want six grand to do the work, it didn’t come as a surprise when he told me, they charged me three and a half grand at my previous house and my daughters cost her four and a half grand, so six grand for mine was I thought quite reasonable.
Not booked in the job just yet, was hoping to get another estimate but the company I have contacted to give me another ballpark figure haven’t got back to me yet.

I have an appointment at the blood donors today, both my dental appointment and my blood donors appointment clashed so I have decided to go to one of the earlier suggested dates they gave me.

Below is my original request to be his friend I’ll leave it to you to make your own mind up if I deserved the above abuse..:thumb:

Denis Gulding25 May at 14:38
Hi John hows things?
I read your site is flourishing...well it was until old friends stopped talking, what's it like saying good-night John boy to yourself?
Are all your friends on there as friendly as Jane the pain?
She needs a bullet to the head after that comment she made to Pinocchio after he had been banned for nothing at all.
Anyway john boy i hope your site picks up and it dosn't go the way of all your previous

25 May at 14:42 Report
Dennis/pinnochio/miss piggy or whatever, just don't worry yourself about my sites. Now if you persist in harassing me here, I will report you to FB management and get you banned from here.
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