November and December past.. And i am bored

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As i sit here on a cold, wet miserable afternoon in Tunbridge Wells, that being the Royal Tunbridge Wells, typing this one fingered on my IPAD..(forgive the typos)... on January the 4th... Waitin for call from SHMBO aka Sue to goup to London to collect her from the hospital after some heart test (has she got one!) .. Good job she does not read my posts or blog...

I face two hours best way to get to St Thomas's hospital and another two hours back.. Oh great fun.... But so why did i decide to add to my blog today.. Why not yesterday or any day for that matter in the past two months.. Was it that i went quite because of some of the moans i got? Or was it i had nothing to say? You that know me, would never believe that!

Boredom? Being not happy with the four hours of driving? No...... It was because i wanted to vent my frustration of no post.... I am fed up sitting here on this extended christmas break while my post has gone walk about.

Now, every day i get post..ok most of it bills, but note even those arriving. No bank statements, no credit card statements... But worse is my parcels of model z gauge trains are floating about in post office land.... I buy model trains from the USA... Every month... Same happened last year, parcels posted early December are still outstanding... Normally 6 to 10 days.. But as soon as the Bah Humbug season arrives my parcels take an extended holiday.. Mind you first class recorded deliver parcel posted on the 29th with parts for the RV .. Still not here. Hey guys it is the 4th to day .. No post at 4.30 ... i have outstanding ebay items, paid for and dispatched.. The list ges on and on..

So why is it that UK Plc.. Has to shut up shop for so long? ... So :Angry::Angry: am i it forced me do a blog...

I hate Christmas.
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