Nightly sleeping medicine so I am told

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Well as I was being insulted yesterday by a fellow motor home owner that my blogs make him fall a sleep and thought I would give him another blog to doze off with.. funny although those that moan never seem to bother to have a go themselves at writing a blog.

While I am in a moaning mood.. it is to early this morning and I am cold as well... I read a post about someone being fined £50 for parking in the road with his scooter to save a parking bay for a car.. what a a silly idea.. who in there right mind parks on a yellow line so a car can have the empty parking bay. He deserves the £50 fine I say.

I know motor home owners are some strange people, I know I have meet a few of them on these pages.. some very nice people and some I would not want to meet on a dark night.

Anway some wit decides to dispense free legal advice... now being a qualified lawyer I take exception to those that prattle on with advice when it is worthless and in fact can be down right misleading.

This motor home person suggests the chap that got the £50 fine writes in and says his scooter was moved out of the bay.. OK I ask what if there was a CCTV? wonderful now our members tell people to pervert the course of justice. Why not just tell them to go out and rape and murder people as well.

I seriously wonder somedays why I bother to be part of this forum when I hear that sort of advice being given out. It is the same issue over the toads.. one day they will learn.. wait for the new rules in 2014 that are on the way..Boy are some of these owners in for a suprise. It is coming.. it is already in the pipeline, just a matter fo time and then all the money spent on them will be wasted you will not be able to give them away. But those people beleive anything they are told by salesmen and others on this site that think they are lawyers but do not seem to have done the time to get the qualification. Took me many years to get an LL.b with (Hons) so I get a little fed up hearing the barrack room lawyers spouting rubbish day after day.

Hope that kept someone awke .. but if not then think of the blog as a free sleeping tablet.. I do not mind one way of the other.:cry:
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