New Motorhome (to me)

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I have changed my 1988 Kontiti for a 1994 Autotrail Scout Special. Drove some 180 miles to trade it in, I will not mention any company names but will say following.
I saw it on eBay I liked the look of it & the layout, T ravelled 180 miles in my old one, he said that the syncromesh had gone in 3rd gear & makes a crunching sound & has been like that for a while, I thought I could live with that. Done the deal & went to Hertford CC site to meet up with friends.
Where I found out that there was so much not working on the van, one of my mates fixed quite a few things on it, switches, blown fuses, etc., he had removed the bike rack so I found one on eBay to replace it & arranged to pick it up on the way home.
The van started jumping out of 5th gear & on the way home the gearbox went, drove home in 4th gear.
I have arranged to have the gearbox done hopefully before the May day weekend so I can still go away.
The reason for writing this is to say that I will not say a name or company, but he is on an industrial site in Mansfield, & sells cars as well as motorhomes.
Try not to get stung as I did.
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