Nel goes to Europe

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Well what evening that was. Mike and Mary had gone for a walk down to the lake Garda that is. When they got back water pouring across the road from a grey water drain and two Italian workman attempting to clear a blockage. This was around 8.30. Lots of rods pushed up the pipe to no avail which led to an exchange of views and being Italian rather expressive or so it seemed. After the confab one of them went off and returned somewhat surprisingly with a JCB. Dug a hole looking for the pipe they found one but sadly a water pipe. Eventualy found the pipe so they decided to break the pipe to attempt to clear the blockage. They managed to hit water but no sign of the blockage being cleared. Meanwhile the Night receptionist turn up. To hold the torch. Just before 11 they decided to called a day and return in the morning. The hole was cover by the JCB.
I didnt like having a large yellow vehicle within 3 feet all night but at least it kept people away. I wonder if they did up more of the site tomorrow.
I feel quite traumatised.
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