Nel goes to Europe

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Hi everybody Nell here.
Well we left Iseo this morning and travel the short distance to San Felice del Benaco which is near to the site Fornella on the shores of Lake Garda but it has been again a hot day 33c . What that is in english F I have no idea.
M'lady Camilla played up again at the end of the route so Mike and Mary had to take over but we got to the site ok . Quite nice here with all we need. The two of them went to the pool this afternoon to cool down didnt do any good still hot as hell. Roll on beer time says Mike.
They might go into San Felice tomorrow by bike sooner them than me. I'll stay here and sleep. Mike says he will put some pics on his web site when he gets home and will put the link on here if thats ok.
The next bit is not for another 4 nights so I may not do much of a blog for a while.
Bye for now
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