Nel goes to Europe

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Hi all Nell chatting. Well we stayed at Val de Bannal last night and although there was some rain late afternoon there was none last night. We left the in rather a mist along narrower roads than of late making our way to Pontarlier then across the Swiss border and down to the town of Morges. Camp site is Camping Camping Morges having been Le Petit Bois. and its right on the side of Lake Leman. I can even see the Alps through my rear view mirrors still with snow.
Mike and Mary went for walk through the shopping area and came back with cakes and meat. So the BBQ is being used tonight
We are here for two nights before heading towards the Simplon Pass and Italy.
Incidently those to found some Muscedet for about a third of the cost at home.Mig:Rofl1:
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