My Saint Bernard takes a better picture then me!

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Ezzie, thats the one in the picture is our four year old St Bernard. She will often be seen walking at the side of my disbaled buggy at shows. (next one Malvern). Now some say Ezzie is better looking then myself and I must admit she gets a lot more pats and strokes than I get, come to think of it I do not get any.

Now Ezzie is a big girl (I like them big.. as Benny hill says in the original Italian Job).. I digress, Ezzie is 74 kgs, which is lighter then me and no I am not telling what I weigh in now at, other than to say I have lost 6 stone in the past year..the disabled buggy now goes faster.

And for all those of you that crack the joke about the dog being a spare battery:Angry: I have heard it a hundred times before.. sorry it is wearing a bit thin now. Yes she could pull me a long if she desired as a Saint Bernard can pull 1,000 kgs no problem as they were working dogs in Switzerland. No she does not have any brandy:Doh:

Ezzie, loves motor homes and as soon as I go to the RV and blip the alarm off she is sitting there waiting to get on board.. yes the RV bit is an American Winnebago. It does my wife and self and of course Ezzie very well. Ezzie is a great dog and always makes lots of friends at shows and camp sites so if you read this and see us about stop us for a word, but not the remark about Ezzie pulling me along. I am the miserable one with the beard. Ezzie has the wet nose most of the time.:Eeek:
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