My personal hates.. not in any order

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1) Yellow jackets directing me at shows

2) Colditz fences introduced by Warners at the various shows this year.

3) Being ripped off on electric charges at camp sites and show grounds

4) High prices of food at shows

5) being asked if Ezzie the Saint Bernard is my spare battery or pulls me along

6) the idiot dog owners that try and put lap dogs on the back of Ezzie and think it is funny... they would not if Ezzie decided she want more breakfast..idiots.

7) Hearing people walk past discussing my RV and have little idea about an American rig and say what are those things on the wheels.. Those things block out the UV rays and save my tyres which cost the best part of £250 each and yes I have 6 plus a spare.

8) Hearing the remarks what do they want with a vehicle like that? Clear they have no idea what is on an American RV. I they did they would know... hence my signature on this site.

you get the picture But my most hated of all

I bet that does 5 mpg .. no mate it is a V10 6.8 Triton Ford and returns 15 to the gallon at a steady 55 mph at 1900 revs I do not need to challange speed cameras or race away from the lights. I am out here in my Winnebago to enjoy it.

Oh yes the electric buggy can do 8 mph .. the dog does 2.5 mph so again we match speed, other wise costs me to many stops for Ezzie to drink from her mobile water facility I carry in the shopping basket of the buggy.
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