My first flying lesson and it was a birthday treat from my new Partner.

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As you can see from pictures attached the tide has gone out leaving a gravelled beach!
From a tatty looking lawn [if one could call it a lawn] to what you see below.
The gavel came in three one-ton bags and I had shifted it in two hours in Friday heat too.
I paid for it the next day though, slight back and side ache but the ache was gone by Sunday when I took my first flying lesson at Wickenby Airdrome in Lincolnshire.

My partner and I set out minus my partner’s conjoined twin [she was coming with us] at just after nine Sunday morning, we took the van for an airing, but before I could I called around to Asda to put some diesel in, didn’t fill her up I just put enough in for the purpose.
My flying lesson was booked in for eleven and I was told when my partner phoned before we set off that we should be there ten minutes beforehand.
We arrived at ten forty, ten minutes in hand, just enough time to have a stretch and a pee.
I was quite surprised on how the Cessna 152 handled, it was very responsive to the stick controls, one only had to turn the stick to the left or right and the aircraft reacted to ones commands straight away.
It was the same for the nose up and nose down command [must apologise if I’m not using the right technical terms but this was my first lesson]
We did a circuit and a half of the airfield flying over Market Raisan horse racing track and the golf course, on our final approach to the airfield the pilot let me take the controls, he said ‘do you see the runway in the distance? I said yes, I could just see it through the haze. He said ‘then take the controls and head for that.
He cut the revs on the engine and we descended down to one thousand feet from where we were at fifteen hundred. The airstrip got closer and closer, I was fighting the controls just to keep her level with a slight nose up attitude, the instructor said to me ‘relax don’t hold the controls so tight, he must have seen my white knuckles.
Just before we touched down he took over, he made it look so easy, I had brought the little Cessna 152 within thirty feet from the ground and a hundred yards from the beginning of the runway.
I immediately said to my partner when I had got out of the very small and tight cockpit ‘I want one.
Lets sell the van and buy one.
I was told by the bloke that is going out with my partners conjoined twin that I could get a licence to fly a powered micro light [Thruster] for about three grand but a licence to fly a Cessna would cost about five.
We both thoroughly enjoyed the day out and I hope to be in the air again but this time at the side of my partners conjoined twins boyfriend, he has said he will take me up with him the next time he’s flying, can’t wait…
My partner won’t be going up with him because she’s frightened of heights even though she enjoys holiday jet flying, she won’t sit next to a window I get that treat..


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