mr Harding v Marquis

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I will entitle this blog as marquis cowboys.
Some of you will remember my plight with marquis, for your benifit and those who have not i will give you the full and up to date version.
My night mare began when i first walked into marquis of chieveley newbury, (big mistake) I purchased a new swift 630L, to keep this story as short as possible, there were so many faults with van that marquis could not, or were unable to fix that after about eight months or more 0f going backwards and forwards to marquis
, i exchanged this van for a auto sleeper wilton at an additional cost of £6000, again the after care service was horrific, months of going back and forth and again
because they were unable to fix this vehicle, to a fit for purpose state i yet again up graded to a bessacarr e765s at yes you guess it an additional cost of £7000 plus. This vehicle i am glad to say had fewer fault, only numbering eleven or so most small easy to fix things, except one which was the heating did not work. I purchased this van sept 2008, and as we have not had a van fit for pupose up to this date,we were determinded to at least get a couple of weeks away. we returned with the van early november 2008 with instuction to make sure that all
faults were fix for when we get the van back december january february pass still not fixed, after many phone calls march comes and goes at last i april i get a phone call your van is ready to pickup, over five months to fix a handfull of faults.
when i picked up my motor home not only did they not fix all the faults, they returned the vehicle with covers left off heating panels leaving 240v circuit panels exposed threatening electricution
to me and my grandchildren, and after all that the heating still did not work. It took a further three months at another marquis branch to sort out the remaining faults. Eight months we were with out the use of this van, good case for compensation you might think, well £250 was offered take it or leave it, and i would have to sign some sort of disclaimer as well. £54000 i paid for this van, don't know what fraction £250 is of that so small can't be bothered to work it out.You maybe asking your self why i did not ask for a refund at the very start, well i of couse did but there answer was marquis do not give refunds. I am so angry at the way marquis has treated me that i have had the back of my motor home sign writen telling all who cares to read it, to treat marquis like the plague and to stop me and i will tell them the whole horror story
This is as you can imagine is a watered down version of the true events, and unless you won't this to possibly happen to you i would very strongly advise you to buy from almost any body else because it is hard to think that there is any traders out there with a worse after sale service
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