MOT will be the death of me.

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At 61 I do not feel old, however whilst trying to repair the beast for MOT it has become obvious I am, no strength left, memory abysmal and tired out. Having tried several of my existing jacks to lift the van I have resorted to buying a new 12 ton jack which was supposed to make life easier. However in order to repalace spring hangers the weight has to be lifted off the wheels so supporting with axle stands on the chassis is necessary, so now I find the axle stands won't take the weight and start to bend, ah well, time to start carting concrete blocks, pile underneath and top off with timber. Slowly release the jack and blocks sink slowly into the ground. Jack again lift out blocks place large sheet if plywood under then rebuild blocks, two hours gone and not a single spanner to hand. Collapse exhausted in heap and give up until tomorrow. There must be a fit young wild camper out there who would like a free site here (water and drainage on site) and help a few hours a day then shoot of surfing. Any offers.
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