Month 9 November 2010 Part 9 25th November

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The final stage.

Today we had an easy run of 77k to El Portus Naturist Camping site.

The run along the motorway to Cartegena was easy but then the motorway ends and you are in the middle of the town. The lady in the sat nav kept us right until we came to Canteras where she diverted us off the main road down a back street to be faced by two no entry signs at a crossroad and a car parked in the other narrow street. We struggled to extract ourselves, just then the Local Police arrived and when we explained what had happened they escorted us out of town blocking roads to allow us easy access and then took us to the junction for El Portus where they again blocked the road for us to turn. Now that is service.

We arrived at the site at 10:30am and booked in until the end of April. The fees are reduced for long stay and work out as cheap as using a CL in the UK. The weather is much better here as well.
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