Month 9 November 2010 Part 6 22nd November

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We joined the Motorway to Irun and crossed into Spain. After leaving San Sabastian area we began to climb into the Pyrenees on the A-15 This was a very steep long climb involving going through many tunnels. We had to use the crawler lane and were going so slow that I put the 4 way flashers on. Up and up we went until we hit a service area /filling station. Here we had a rest and a meal letting the engine cool down before the next section. This was however a short climb and then it was fairly good going to Pamploma/Iruna where we joined the AP-15

I was pleasantly suprised by the quality of the Motorway network in Spain and we were able to comfortably cruse for mile after mile.

We stopped for the night at Olite at a small campsite where we were able to get fresh water and had hookup for the first time since Dover.
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