Month 9 November 2010 Part 5 21st November

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Today we drove another 301k from Jarnac to Capbreton.

We had intended to go to Dax but found the Aire had very small awkwardly angled bays which were too small for our outfit and it would have been noisy as it was under the river bridge which carried the main road. We set the sat nav to take us to Capbreton which is on the coast.

We had problems getting out of Dax but eventually sorted a route out and arrived at Capbreton. This is a massive Aire with marked individual bays with individual electric hookups and can take about 100 or more vans. There were about a dozen motorhomes on so we had plenty of space but all of the services apart from the waste disposal had been disconnected for the winter. There was a squatter type loo that had the door jammed open.

There are high dunes separating this are from the Atlantic. It was blowing a gale and the sea was crashing in but it was spectacular to see.

After a night here it was across the border to Spain after we had visited a supermarket and fill our gas tank up.

We had used no toll roads on our trip through France but decided that as we were unsure of Spanish roads we would set the sat nav to accept toll roads again for the journey through Spain.
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