Month 9 November 2010 Part 4 20th November

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We sent two nights at Vouvray then drove a further 301k to Jarnac. We originally intended to go to Cognac but on arrival found that the aire was tiny only 3 spaces and would not take our outfit and it was fully occupied. The books had said it could take 20 vans. We then back-tracked to Merignac following the signs only to find that this Aire had been closed down and barrels put across the across road to prevent entry. It looked like the sports centre was undergoing renovation. It was back down the road again towards Cognac to Jarnac.

This Aire is beside the river in a very large car park. It has dedicated spaces for 5 vans with free electricity from the Bourne which is a drive though type at a higher level to the parking. There were four French and German vans parked in the designated place. All were sharing the hookup and had items placed out from the vans preventing other gaining access. There was another UK van on the car park away from the borne as well as ourselves. The local police came around and had at drove off.

Jarnac had a very large warehouse containing Courvoisier Brandy. Beside these are the river and a canal with locks. It would seem that the area had been used to ship the spirit out by barge at some time.
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