Month 2 April 2010 part 2

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Well April this year has been cold in the North. We are still trying to get south into the warmer weather.

After the trouble with the fan belt we returned to be faced with the water heater bill. We decided to stay on the CL at Maiden Law for 28 days to save some money. I needed hearing aids so after the test we had to wait for the letter telling us when they would be ready. Another delay to our plans to head for Brittany and Normandy in May. Well the aids are to be fitted on 12th May so we will head South once I have them.

To while our time away we have been cleaning and polishing Heidi and sorting out those little jobs that will be sorted next time we stop and never get done.

Joan has also been dragging me out for walks as she reckons we are putting on weight. Despite protests I have enjoyed doing the walks, some I had promised to do when I lived in the area and never got down to doing them.

Malton Picnic area at Lanchester has provided some nice walks by the river Browney and along the old Consett to Durham Railway track now a footpath/cycleway. The carpark here has a low gate barrier, but I am not sure if it is locked at night. If not it could be a nice spot for a wild camp.

We have also walked the paths around Greencroft on reclaimed colliery land and a landfill site now a nature reserve.

When we were in Ayesgarth in January, I tasted a mead in the Palmer's Flat Hotel and found it was Lanchester Mead bottled about 10 minutes walk from the site we are staying on at present. When I tried to buy some locally, no one stocked it. We tried all of the possible outlets in Lanchester. I contacted the company who do mail order, but the minimum order was 5 cases at 12 bottles per case, so that wasn't practical for use living in the motorhome. We have now tracked it down to Brockbushes Farm Shop, near Hexham at the junction of the A68 and A69 and we now had a small stock onboard.

We should be resuming our travels on the 13th May.
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