Month 2 April 2010 part 1

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Well this month has been eventful so far.

We arrived at our site in Lakeland Outdoor Club at Haverigg on the first of the month. We had a pleasant trip across from County Durham by Stainmoor and the Lune Valley to the M6 Tebay to Kendal and then along the narrow winding hilly lakeland roads to the town of Millom and then to Haverigg.

This is a little seaside village and out site is 2Km along a track across the dunes. It has no facilities at all being a SSI. We get water from the farm 1.8Km down the track and dispose of our waste in the toilets at Haverigg. The site is very quite even the Wind Generators over the fence on the old RAF Milom site do not disturb us.

This is wild camping. We decided not to rough it however and used our appliances through the inverter. Power being topped up by the Gasparine Self Energy 20 automatic generator running on LPG.

Well on the 9th we had to go to Barrow in Furness to fill up our LPG tank as we had used 68 litres of gas in 9 days. This trip however turned into a nightmare as the Fan Belt Tensioner gave out at The Hill a small village just outside of Milom on our way back.

We called for assistance and because of our Motorhome size 7m and 4600Kg laden we had to wait for 6 hours for a specialist vehicle to pick us up and take us almost back to Barrow in Furness. The recovery vehicle was an articulated trailer that the bed lowered to the floor and is used to carry broken down trucks of 44 tonnes.

We stayed with the Motorhome in the yard of the recovery firm on the Friday night and they put us on a hookup the keep our food fresh in the fridge while they repaired the offending fan belt. which involved removing the whole front of the Hymer and the radiator. We then had to get a Taxi back to Haverigg and retrieve our Smart car from the site. A fellow member towed our trailer for the car to the farm where we get our water from for us and we had to leave it there.

We were told it would be Monday before the necessary parts could be ordered and they they would have to wait for them to be delivered. We then decided to go cross country to Doncaster to stay with our son until repairs could be carried out. On Monday we were told it would be Wednesday before the parts would be delivered.

We set off back from Doncaster via NW Durham where I had an appointment on Wednesday lunchtime back to Barrow in Furness. We settled up our account with the firm Furness Cars and Commercials and we again stayed the night and then had to drive both vehicles to Haverigg to recover the trailer. We then set off back to North West Durham to The Granary CL at Maidenlaw.

Towards the end of our tip we encountered a piece of crass bad driving by an Attic driver who overtook up on almost on the brow of a hill and had to swerve in on us to miss a bollard in the middle of the road. If I hadn't stopped quickly we could have been involved in an accident.

We thought our troubles were over however that evening Joan noticed a damp patch under the Motorhome beneath the water heater. We checked the pipework and found two jubilee clips (Plastic clip together type) had failed so we replaced them with new metal ones. Next morning the water was still dripping so we took out the boiler and tested it but found no leak. However when we put it back the leak was much worse so we had to go and have it checked out by a specialist who confirmed that it was dead and we needed another one which fortunately he had in stock.

Tomorrow the 21st we head for Shildon to have the Truma Ultrastore boiler replaced so we will be spending our day at the Shildon Railway Museum.
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