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On our first trip out, we realised that the metal roundels set into the floor to hold the tables go right through to the underneath of the van, and when snuggled up in the warm, they're bloody cold on the toes. So I've had a god run around today looking for a carpet to fit the space. I've found plenty I like, but none fit the 90cm x 130cm space well enough to do the job.

I've bought another mattress topper and a second duvet too. My better half has decided that he's likely to prefer sleeping on the second double bed rather than climb up to the second floor, so I've made sure there's plenty of comfortable bedding. A fitted sheet will hold the various cushions together. Good for guests too. :)

Then back to the Galaxy for the day's work. I checked out the existing wiring beneath the bed with a multimeter. There's been a few changes to the cabling over the years and I wanted to make sure which was live. That done, I made sure that the new monitor for the reversing cameras will fit.

There's a plate beneath (or rather - above) the monitor, and this gets screwed into the fibreglass shell, then the monitor is fixed to this plate. I've used bolts rather than screws, as the shell is only a few millimetres thick, and a washer on each side of the fibreglass. I wish I could have contained the mess a bit better, and a few drill holes later, the floor and dash is covered with pale dust. It gets hoovered up later.

The monitor cables are all contained in a single bundle, so they go through a large hole into the void beneath the bed first, then the plate goes up. Luckily, the centre sunscreen opens to cover the monitor in its closed position, so I place it there to hold the monitor plate on long enough for me to get the nuts over the bolts already poking through.

That all done, it's a simple matter of fixing the monitor itself onto the plate and it's ready to be connected up.

The monitor is 9in, and we certainly need it to be that large with the size of the cab. I've been using my TomTom on the expanse of dashboard and I have to hunt for it sometimes! The monitor also has a small LED light around the front. Not really necessary as we're over-subscribed for lighting, but a nice touch.

Onto the second job of the day. The dinette is a little high, and when sitting there eating or working, I find my elbow have risen up to my armpits. The other table is a little lower and feels comfortable. The difference is amazingly only an inch or so!

I mark a dot below each of the existing screw holes and it's a simple matter of shifting everything down. I've got a couple of things to buy tomorrow before this job is done, but it's a simple one.

We're gearing up for Thursday now. Confirmation of the campsite booking came yesterday and we're looking forward to visiting Morecambe and Lancaster.
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