Missing cover on doorway heater

Published by Yorkshire Lad in the blog Bailey Alde heating faulty design?. Views: 157

In a previous post I mentioned the gale coming up through the 'heating' vents in the step in my Bailey 745. Further investigation and it seems mine; built in Dec 2013, had the wrong insulated cover which did not cover the understep radiator. (I have photos but cant work out how to post!)
A small clue was being able to see the ground through the floor vent and radiator. I challenged Bailey to explain if a cover was missing, poor design or a simple cock-up - to date they have been evasive so no idea how they let the MH out of the factory like that.
Danum Leisure have been very good and have replaced the cover with the correct one which seals the radiator within the 'interior' space and so it now generates some heat.
If you have bought a Bailey I suggest you check - if you look under the step and can see the radiator you need to email Bailey and take it back to the dealer to be fitted with a proper cover.
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