Mexican spring onions?

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Cucumbers! Do these vegetables to you conjure up naughty thoughts?

I asked a lady in Asda the other day to stop fondling one as my partner and I were looking for vegetables to make a stir-fry for our dinner, to go with the two pieces of chicken breast my partner had taken out of the freezer.
She took my comment in fun when I told her to stop trying to straighten it from it’s natural curve, the lady she was with also smiled and reddened slightly but still took my comment in good humour.

Whenever we go shopping I try to buy British produce especially in the fresh vegetable section, but of late have found that practice very difficult to accomplish.
As a rule I like to know where each individual item of veg has come from, we bought two items of veg, a pack of six sweet peppers and a bunch of spring onions, what astounded me the most was where the spring onions had come from, would you believe Mexico, yep that’s right all the way from Mexico and the peppers were from Spain where else I ask myself.
I have garlic from Spain, a half eaten cucumber from Greece, and a lettuce from god knows where in the fridge veg draw.
We bought British Mushrooms as a pose to Spanish and only got half the quantity.

Bacon and sausage is another British priority for me, my partner doesn’t really mind what part of the globe her meat comes from and is ignorant on how the animals are treated abroad, she didn’t see the program I saw last year.
After watching that program on the television that highlighted where supermarket cheap meat comes from and how the animals are treated before slaughter I now avoid whenever possible foreign meat produce, basically any meat that comes from across the channel.

We could be on for that holiday I booked on the Internet the other week, the no fly zone across the UK has been lifted, I’m not going into the politics of such a decision but I think it was rather a knee jerk one from all reports I have read.
If we hadn’t been able to take to the sun we were going to take the van down south for a week, my partner hasn’t seen Stone Henge or as she been through the Cheddar gorge or experience a wind swept night in the Exmore forest in a lay-by just off the A39 looking over to Cardiff.
Just over a year ago Diezel and I spent a night in that lay-by, I had to move the van in the middle of the night because it was blowing a gale, the wind and rain was that hard the van was rocking from side to side, at the time I was sleeping in the overhead coffin, the rocking from side to side made me feel quit ill, that’s unusual for me, I never have suffered seasickness before.

My partner over laid this morning, I’m wondering if she made it to the gym before she started work, she joined weight watchers a month ago to try and lose a little weight, personally I don’t mind a woman with fat on the bone makes the meat sweeter in my opinion.
I weight trained or you could say I trained as a body builder for twenty years, I trained my son for five of those before he got married, he now jogs to keep fit, I myself aint bothered anymore, really I should be but to be honest keeping fit is something I don’t see as a priority besides I just don’t have the drive to put myself through the pain barrier once more. As I pass the joggers on the road I can see the pain and agony they are suffering just to say in the pub at the weekends ‘ three time a week I go for a run….
Don’t get me wrong; I use to jog myself as part of a fitness regime to play ice hockey albeit against a girl’s team.
My late wife was a manager of a girl’s ice hockey team, once a year normally at the end of the season they would challenge the boy friends and parents of the team to a game, obviously we never won the challenge but it was fun to take part.

I have to get my own dinner today; my partner is going to see her mum straight from work that means she will not be home until late afternoon.
The home my partners mum is in smells, as one walks through the doors of the place one is hit by the smell of urine or something that smells much like it, I asked my partner can she smell it, she never can, so is it me then? It’s either stale urine or bleach they use to clean the toilets with.
I’m hopping I don’t end up in one of those places, as one passes the day rooms the majority of the in mates are asleep or nodding.

How many of those plastic charity bags can one fill in a week, do these people think I have wardrobes full to the brim with unwanted clothing.
I get at least three of those begging plastic bags a week, in fact one has just been put through me letter box as I write.
I use them as bin liners and garden rubbish bags saves on buying custom liners and bin bags from Asda.

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