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Hi, Debbie here. I have received the first log from Ray which I am now able to add to the blog, so here goes.
With the pre tour briefing done, all were ready for the off on the Monday morning. For the first time since we can remember the ferry was not an early one and actually left on time! Rays log tells us that the loading of the RV's onto the ferry was watched with great interest, as they were requested to reverse their RVs into the black hole of the ferry! At the actual border crossing the long queues were by passed and the border was cleared within 30mins Record time!!!
First day in Morocco see the RVs arrive at their camp in Madik, a seaside resort where some self catered under the shade of the tall trees, and others joined Ray and A'hammid for a meal down on the beach. The night ended to the incredible sound of the call to the Mosques which announced the start of Ramadam.
Day two, short drive into the Riff town of Chefchaouen. [Chefchaouen means "Peaks" referring the the Rif heights around the town. The nickname for Chefchaouen is "Paradise of the mountain"]. Thank god the camp site is good as its electric coped with all the RVs being able to run their air con [to cool their beers from what I can gather], as the days temperature was 40 degrees. Taxis arrived to whisk all into Chefchaouen town where the group walked the cobbled streets packed with whitewashed houses with blue painted doors and frames to take their evening meal in the Old Medina at Al Kasbah brightly flood lit in pink. Back at camp wine flowed along with the chat well into the night.
Comments so far. Geo, "magical". Pammy, "unbelievable". Rory, "well I know its early days, but fantastic".
Day three will see the group make their way through the plateaus stopping on route before entering the Great Bab el Khemis gate into Meknes.
I hope you will join me again soon to catch the next instalment ...........
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