M Fun Quiz 13 September

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Q1 What was Carole Hersee’s claim to fame over four decades from 1967 to the mid 1990s?
A1 She was the little girl on the BBC test card [born in 1958, Carole was the daughter of the BBC engineer who designed that iconic test card]

Q2 What is the currency of Guyana?
A2 Dollar [Guyanese dollar obviously]

Q3 Which country's national symbol is the fleur de lys?
A3 France

Q4 Which month's name is derived from the name of a god of War?
A4 March [from Mars, Roman god of war]

Q5 How many tiles are there in a Scrabble game?
A5 100 [98 letter tiles and two blanks]

Q6 What is the collective noun for a group of foxes ?
A6 A skulk [although leash is also used]

Q7 Who starred in the 1969 film 'The trouble with girls'?
A7 Elvis Presley

Q8 How many men have walked on the Moon ?
A8 Twelve

Q9 Which famous duo belonged to The Royal Order of Water Buffaloes?
A9 Fred Flintstone and Barney Rubble

Q10 Where were the 1912 summer olympics held ?
A10 Stockholm, Sweden

Q11 What vessel is also a palindrome?
A11 Kayak

Q12 Which English town was known to the Romans as Verulamium ?
A12 St Albans, Hertfordshire

Q13 On a dartboard, which number gives a ‘Shanghai’ score of 72?
A13 Number 12 [Shanghai being a single, double and treble of the same number]

Q14 Rossini composed an overture about which legendary character?
A14 William Tell

Q15 If you exclude Australia, what is the 4th largest island in the world ?
A15 Madagascar [the top three being Greenland, New Guinea and Borneo in that order]

Q16 How many bits are in a nibble?
A16 Four [computer terminology!]

Q17 If you were on 'free parking' and threw an 8 where would you land?
A17 Water Works [in Monopoly]

Q18 What connects A, B and O?
A18 Blood – along with AB they make up the four major blood groups.

Q19 Which city did Hitler plan to make his capital of England after he invaded?
A19 Oxford [and Blenheim Palace was to have been his official residence]

Q20 What was Pat Simmons’ claim to fame between 1963 and 1985?
A20 She was the voice of BT’s ‘speaking clock’ having won a competition to find the new ‘voice’. She died in 2005.
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