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Wow it’s been a long time since I updated this blog!

It looks like my last posting was at the end of April, and it’s been an intense few months since then.

After a bit of work in London in early May, we had a rainy trip up to Kendal and Windermere (new Braithwaite Fold site - fab!) where we discovered some spongy walls in the Galaxy. I don’t know how I didn’t see it before, but it was big enough to require a visit back to the dealer and hope they honoured the guarantee.

Luckily, they did, and as I had a big job in London that would keep me away for about a month and a half, they would have time to do it.

I got back, and they still hadn’t done it of course.

[​IMG]Still - I could afford to wait, so we gave them another two weeks to repair the inner wall while we went to pick up a new member of our family, Lizzie, our new Daschund puppy.

They repaired most of the damage, and reassured me that a still slightly spongy bit near the roof won’t get any worse. I suspect they didn’t want to do a fiddly and expensive repair above a window, but I’ll hold them to their word. They found a leak in the roof and I can see that it’s been completely fixed externally. Sadly, they managed to crack the large roof window over the living area while resealing a seam - I can see where it’s been fixed with superglue, but it’s only on the edge and I’m too tired to argue. It’s not in an area where it needs to be sealed. I’m left with a little sadness over the whole thing.

After the heavy rain earlier in the year - and the whole damp thing, we’ve decided to cover the van with a water-proof tarp when we’re not out in it. I’m not going to risk months of being outdoors in English Liquid sunshine.

A couple of weeks on and we’re getting the van ready again. I’ve finally gotten round to installing the rear-view cameras and in the end, decided to take the cabling through the van. There’s a conduit above the entry door that disappears behind the high cupboards. I managed to thread the cables through this to the front drop-down bed, and take the wires down a strut, under the mattress and into the large monitor where my rear-view mirror would normally be. It’s all wired in and works great. The camera was much easier to fit than I expected. Just one drop hole and it’s all sealed up with marine gunk. I was going to use transmitters, but after realising the cables were long enough (just) I’m glad not to have to worry about adding complications to the whole thing.

So we’re waiting for Lizzie’s vaccinations to take and planning our next trip out. Probably to Wales for the first one with her. The van is just about ready, and I can’t wait to try out the new rear-view mirror.

Happy camping all.
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