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We bit the bullet and are now living full time in our motorhome.

We both retired in 2006 and sold our property and rented it back. We used some of the released capital to purchase our Hymer S700 1992. We used this for a while and added extras such as Sky TV and Oyster 85cm Dish. Gasparini Energy 20 LPG generator and 1600kw inverter. 85 litre LPG tank. two 110 Ah batteries in addition to the existing 85Ah one. By using the van we found the things we needed to change or replace.

We are intending to continue for as long as our health holds out. We enjoy living in the van and having a different outlook every so often from the windows. If and when the time comes to give up we intend to return to the Darlington area of County Durham and seek rented accomodation again.

We are members of the Caravan Club and the Camping and Caravanning Club. We also joined the Motor Caravanners' Club. These give us a good range of sites and Certificated Locations to park on. We are also wildcampers but you need somewhere every few days to empty toilet cassettes and waste water and fill up with fresh water. We carry a spare cassette for our Thetford C2 so we can push a wild spell to about 4 or 5 days.

We need to use club sites or find a Laundrette to wash clothes. We are naturists but even naturists wear clothes and bedding and towels need washing.

We finance our travells out of our pensions (State and works) and find that our site fees are no more than we were paying in rent. No Council Tax, Water Rates, House Insurance, Electricity Bills. The money we used to pay for gas covers our monthly LPG usage. We do pay a bit more for Full Time Insurance cover. We use Vodafone for calls and data on the laptop. We used this before so have a saving by not having a landline phone with a Broadband connection.

Travelling will account for some of our saved expenditure but as we already used the motorhome extensively it will not be that big a difference.

We run a Smart FourTwo and tow this on a Bantam Trailer. This method we feel will save wear and tear on the car. The car then allows us to shop and sightsee without trying to find parking for a 7m motorhome at places we want to visit.

I am a radio ham and have my station in the motorhome and use the Bantam trailer to also carry a sectional 24ft mast for my antennas. Joan is interested in sea fishing and we will be looking for locations where she can fish. We are also interested in photography and drawing/painting.

We have a safari room but are still in two minds whether this is worth carrying around with us. We also carry an additional outdoor fridge but are uncertain if we really need this.
We are just starting out on our journey, time on the road will tell.

Cooking is on a Safari Chef (gas) outside and a 4 ring gas burner. We also have a Remoska, George Forman Grill, a slow clooker, a 1Kw electric kettle and a Dolce Gusto Coffee maker, all of which will run on the inverter as well as mains when available. We also have a backup gas kettle.

When off hookup the generator looks after our leisure batteries by automatically cutting in when the batteries need charging and then off when they are charged up.

Being both on medication we have so far been able to sort this out with our existing practice.

Living in the motorhome is exactly as we expected it to be. We will post more as we continue our lifes Journey.
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