Limoges week 3 day 2

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Well, the weather is now up to the required standard again. Wall to wall sunshine as you can see, but a tad on the cool side, ideal for us. :thumb:

My manager has decided to drag me kicking and screaming errrr volunteer me for a 10 mile hike. :Eeek:

So we set for around the byways for Cussac. A lovely walk everywhere is just so pretty.
The photo of the cross was taken at the side of the road. The question is, why are people tying clothes to it? Mainly socks and a couple of pairs of underpants! :Eek!:

Once again Cussac is a very pretty village, and we came back around by Chateau La Riviere.
The thing is we can’t get over the Ambience of this area, it is just complete and utter tranquillity.
A few photos for you from the walk. :Smile:

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