normanandsue Feb 19, 2012
Hi Ken and Steph,
If you have found a dream then go for it, especially if you are both in agreement. It is a big step especially the way things are at the moment in the EU. I wish you well in your adventure.
There have been many threads on funsters about fulltiming much of which will now apply to you, but you have always seemed a pretty level headed couple so I am sure you will have worked out the pros and cons of your adventure, especially the health issues and the currency exchange issues; and I am sure you will have an exit strategy should the dream not be such a pleasant one in a few years time.
Keep in touch through Funsters, and keep the blog going so we can know how you are getting on and most of all enjoy yourselves.
We have booked ferry for October so all things being equal we might pop in and say hi!