normanandsue Feb 15, 2012
I own a petrol/lpg and am suprised your engine starts and runs wholly on lpg as mine starts on petrol and then automatically switches over to lpg.
I also had a problem with a spluttering and misfiring engine and sadly discovered I had a burnt out exhaust valve that required a cylinder head removal and new valves. The reason given for the burnt valve was that lpg burns hotter than petrol and when the conversion was done they did not replace ordinary valves for heavy duty ones. That has been done and the mh runs sweetly now.
It may be yours is not having this problem but if it does that could be the answer.
As a precaution have you had your timing belt changed, they relly need changing every 5 years or 70K miles which ever come soonest.

Glad you are enjoying your mhoming, sadly the problems do come though; all part of the steep learning curve.