Let's start at the very beginning.

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Is this the start of life or the start of this latest adventure? Why has it taken almost 50 years ( surely that can't be right!) before discovering that life really is all one big adventure and if you don't start living it and appreciating every day all too soon you have more past than possible future, ( hmm, perhaps a little gloomy).*
We recently *decided to sell our late bay vw campervan to pay for our new purchase, a 1992 Hymer 544. *( it's still for sale if anyone is interested) It wasn't an easy *decision to make as we *felt we were swapping what we thought of as our cool and trendy image for comfort, but so far we have no regrets. It is a novelty to actually use a toilet with a door and *be able to shower, cook and sleep without contorting our ageing bodies. Perhaps we didn't look that cool really anyway!!

So here is our chronological list of events so far.

Aug 3rd - *Visit a local dealer with our best of friends and fellow motorhomers (sueang) saw a Hymer not in great condition but loved the set up. Drove home spotted one on eBay for sale locally and half an hour later sitting in the back of it agreeing a sale.*

Aug 4th - *The next day, *stole money from the mortgage and transferred it to *the sellers *account and picked Helga up. *My first thoughts was oh my god this is enormous! I felt like I was sitting at the helm of the starship *enterprise. *Colin thought it was it was like being on stage with its massive windscreen providing a panoramic view of our audience. We did however soon notice that no-one was taking much notice of us but we were able to enjoy great views.*

Aug 6th - joined the Camping and Caravanning club*

Aug 7th - slept in it in the back garden

Aug 17th - first trip away to Malvern motorhome show. *Had to be towed out of the field due to being stuck in the mud, and part of the exhaust fell off! Camped at The Millpond cc club site. Started a scoring system and gave it 4.5/5

Aug 19th - joined the wild camping site ( not sure whether we will be brave enough to do this yet). *Visited a nuclear bunker, my husband certainly knows how to treat a girl!

Aug 20th - camped at Chipping Norton 2.5/5 came across this brilliant website and joined up.

Aug 23rd - 25th - camping with our best friends at Sandringham. 4.5/5 ( the site not our friends they get the full 5 of course!) *Lots of fun and laughter.

Aug 28th - joined ADAC for breakdown cover in preparation for our trip to Germany. This was a positive experience so far with very charming and helpful German staff explaining the process and calling when they said they would and such a bargain at £68!

Aug 31st started this blog.
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