Let the cleaning begin!

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It’s been a couple of days of tinkering and the van is getting there. We’re almost ready for our first trip away.

There’s a repair that needs to be made to the shower hose in the bathroom. I was hoping that the dealer would be able to get out to us yesterday, but it’s going to be a couple of days yet. It gives us a little more time to tidy up a few things though.

The van was without any floor covering, just the hard vinyl that must have been under the original carpet. We decided to go with tiles so that we could lift sections in case of an (inevitable!) wine spillage, so found some decent ones from the local DIY store that matched the overall tone of the van. To be honest pretty much any tile would have done the job, they all seemed to be brown of one kind or another!

The tiles went down easily, not even requiring adhesive. They all fit very tightly and hold each other in. There’s two left over for spares and will live in the wardrobe for the time being.

The whole vehicle was introduced to the vacuum and a couple of cleaning cloths as well. The previous owner(s) were wonderfully clean and meticulous. There was very little dust to be found anywhere – only in places you can’t reach. We’ve taken everything out that could be removed and cleaned every corner of the van. Pleasantly, not even the lighter in the cab has ever been used. Non-smoking previous owners – a new custodian’s dream!

Family are coming over this evening to check out the Galaxy. We’ve chilled some champagne and installed glassware and chocolates for the event. All being well, we’ll head out for the first time next week. Can't wait!
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