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We woke after a fairly poor sleep. We'd had to use the cushions from the settee as I'd forgotten the pillows. Then no eggs for breakfast and the on-site cafe didn't open until 9.30. In the end, we managed a fairly decent cooked breakfast minus the eggs.

After ten, we took the local bus into Lancaster. The map never really shows how close you are to something, so I was surprised to realise that we were only 15 minutes or so away from the city.

Lancaster is a picturesque town, crowned by a brilliant castle atop a rocky outcrop. There's been a settlement up there for 2000 years, and a decent castle for the last thousand. Lancaster is a duchy town, so the castle is owned by the queen. It was converted into a prison and was only closed a couple of years ago or so. There's a complete prison still there and they're still trying to work out what to do with it. There's also a court which is still in operation, and the assizes were held there in the past, so if you were due to come up before a judge, you might be incarcerated for 6 months before the assize court date, then be declared innocent. Rough justice.

We went up to the castle and had a tour with the knowledgable James. There's actually not much to see in the place, but he made it much more entertaining than it could have been.

We had a wander around the town next. It's a university town, with two institutions, so the make-up of the population is quite cosmopolitain. Lots of young people of course, and plenty of nationalities too. I always love to see this. It tells me that the town will have learned generosity and tolerance, and the feeling in the town only reflected this. It's a walking city, and while there's not loads of stuff to do, we spent time in the town's museum and wandered it's squares and alleyways for a few hours. We'll likely visit again sometime. It's a pretty city with plenty of places to eat and drink, and a great feeling all round.

We took the bus back to Bolton le Sands and decided to have a little walk along the sand in the other direction, then return back to the van for some food.

We've been lucky with the weather on both days away. While the rest of the country has had rain, we've had bright sun and brisk winds, combined with the sea wanderings, it's been bracing rather than unpleasant. Great walks.

After some food, we went back to the beach to watch the sunset. I remembered the tripod this time and managed to get some great shots of the sun setting over rivulets of water along the beach. As the sun finally set, we sat with out legs dangling inside one of the strange stream-beds along the flats and shared a hip-flask of whisky and Ameretto I'd prepared beforehand. It sounds awful - I know, but I beg you to try it. One part decent blended whisky, and one part Disaronno. It's best over ice, and not stirred, but it's great with your best mate from a hip-flask while watching a stunning sunset.
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