Kingsley Village Cafe, just off the A30 at Fraddon

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Had a very disappointing meal there today. I had the Beef Burger, M had the Plaice Goujons, both with their "very nice chips" as advertized, and lauded!
The Plaice was as dry as, all moisture had been cooked out of it. The Burger was even dryer, it was supposed to come with Stilton and bacon. The Bacon was miniscule, and the cheese was one of those Plastic slices.
The Special "very nice Chips"? I can honestly say, were not the worst chips I have Ever been served up, that honour goes to the "Lerran Inn" (albeit several years ago now) but they were very close to it.
When we complained we were told "the Boss", the Chef, was on his day off!
Lots of shrugs, glances at each other, total don't give a bugger I only work here attitude.
Will I go back? No.
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