July part 2 and Month 6 - August 2010

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Well for the remaining weeks of July and most of August we became house bound again.

July we spent in Darlington House sitting for Andrea. Joan enjoyed this as she could get some gardening in again. I enjoyed being able to use our old hot tub.

August was spent in Doncaster while Les went to the states where they stayed in a resort for one week then hired a 38ft RV for two weeks. Joan again got stuck into the gardening while I looked after the hot tub from the inside. Well someone has to do the hot work haven't they.

We headed for Lakeland again at the end of this and had a fantastic week at Haverigg and Millom again. The weather was fantastic so we got our tans topped up again. This time we explored the Folk Museum in Millom (Entry £4 and the ticket lasts for 12 months) and then went onto the old sea wall that was constructed to protect the old Iron Stone mine from becoming flooded. The mine closed in 1968 and the land inside the wall has now subsided, so the wall separates a fresh(ish) water lagoon from the sea. The lagoon is used for boating and one side has become Lakeside Caravan Park. The rest of the lagoon and old Iron Works site is a RSPB site.

There are wilding possibilities along the wall either side of the old lighthouse. Further along the wall it becomes the site of the old Iron works with possibilities of more secluded parking. Lakeside have just had planning approved for a further 100 static caravans and 30 Motorhome pitches plus more spaces for touring caravans.

We now have dates for September for servicing the Generator in Birmingham. We also have a date at the beginning of October to repair the damage done while reversing after coming back from France. After this work we will be able to get the Motorhome MOT done (Due December) and then head for southern Spain. Unfortunately this is a couple of months later than we had planned.
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