It's a women reading and awnings

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I was doing a post this morning about Sue (the boss) being called Mrs Slobadobabob.. anyway I got on to various other issues including that Sue thinks she is undervalued.. who am I to disagree:Smile: but I was saying I need her to do the washing up etc., but then we got on to the awning thing.

Now if you do not own an A & E awning that is on a lot of American rigs you may not fully understand the rest of the blog.. but do try and keep up:Blush:

The A & E awning is a great bit of kit. unlike all those that lost there bottle at Lincoln in the wind and put away the Fiama's us Yanks in the most did not have to taken them down.

The reason is they are attached by two big arms to the side of the motor home. Now most Yanks have some serious body work, mine being the same and the awning is well attached. But when we lower it and run up the support arms and lock it down we still put out some strapes to ground anchors to stop it whipping up and snapping the arms.

Now the set up of the awning requires a lot of steps. 1) release the top catch using a long thin metal bar with a hook on the end. 2) someone i.e Sue in this case then uses this pole with the hook on it to attach it to a eye on a long bit of strap that is would round the awning as it goes away.. so that is pulled 3) when the awning has come down to the extent of the strap allows 4) you pull up each side an inner slider and that locks at the ends of the outer arms 5) you use the slide pull ups and that moves the awning up to the height you want and the lever when released locks it. 6) you turn the lock knobs on the thinner top slide unit and it is then set.... you then use straps to secure it to the ground.

Each camper has his own way.. Dodgy (Simon and Sarah) goes over the end arms and under the canvas, me I go over the canvas plus I have a couple extra ones going from the awning rail to the ground.

Now that is simple to me... may be to my fellow yank owners. BUT not to SUE.. we can do it a dozen different ways.. then we get to fitting the flappers.. another story but to say she has always left them on the wrong side of the awning and cannot reach them with out crawling on the floor... map reading? no way let the saterlite do it.:Eeek: once the awning is up peace reigns in the Fage camper.. but watch the arguments we have each time we set up... 20 years plus we have been doing this.. and it gets no better.:thumb:
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